24-7 OC Management

1300 OCMS FM (1300 626 736) is our telephone help desk.

'1300 OCMS FM' is our Melbourne based Facilities Management help desk. Our help desk staff have extensive training in owners corporation maintenance and are available 24/7 to assist with all common area maintenance issues.

They can advise if the reported maintenance is in fact Owners Corporation responsibility, the expected cost and response time that can be expected for that call. Once a call has been reported, the process that occurs behind the scenes has been developed to ensure your property’s interests are maintained as a number one priority. Maintenance log books and any warranty periods are referred to as well as the annual budget’s allowance for itemised maintenance followed by over the phone approval from the account manager and or committee chairperson for items not classified as an emergency prior to the tradesperson attending site.

1300 OCMS FM also monitors tradesperson’s hourly rates, hours of availability, certificate of appropriate insurance covers, occupational health and safety compliance and previous work history to further ensure that all maintenance carried out on your property is of an above industry standard.