OC Webdesk

OC Webdesk is available to assist in the day to day management and transparency of maintenance being completed onsite.

OC Webdesk monitors contractor response times, maintenance contracts, building compliance, the quantity and nature of trades visiting the site, general expenditure, any abnormal maintenance expenditure, as well as enabling members to log on and track basic maintenance job requests.

Maintenance calls can be logged through our internet help desk site, under 3 simple categories:

If selected and reported as an emergency, a contractor response time of just 3 hours of the call being reported is guaranteed.

Another way that you can rest assured that your property is being maintained to a level above industry standards.

OC Webdesk also enables members to obtain expenditure reports against each budget category, as well as year-to-date and annual expenditure reports. With the use of the system’s Report Wizard, OC Webdesk, can also generate any combination of analytical reports based on each individual site. All of these features result in ultimate financial transparency for our members.